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About An Eye To Organize

I’m Daneen Gazzola and I’m very passionate about helping you control clutter and to be organized. As a professional organizer, I create beautiful, functional living spaces for my clients whether they live in a large suburban home, small apartments or need organization in the Office Space.


I discovered my love of organizing long before I founded An Eye To Organize. As a young girl I would continuously declutter, clean and redesign my room. When my children were born, I discovered a new challenge: organizing an entire family. I wanted to create more balance in my life and spend more time with my kids. Through the years I noticed more and more organizing is a passion of mine and decided to pursue it as a career.  What I love to do.


I’ve applied this knowledge to every home I’ve lived in and now I have the chance to do the same for my clients.  In 2009 that’s when I created An Eye To Organize. My approach to organizing is focused and educational. Through my hands-on residential and commercial organizing services, I create organizing systems and strategies that work for you. An Eye To Organize has been proud to work with residences and businesses of all shapes and sizes.


The mission of An Eye To Organize is to help home and business owners feel comfortable in their home and office, organized in their life, and at ease. Our founding principles are dignity, empathy, patience, and trust. While some projects may simply require unpacking boxes or rearranging a pantry, many others deal with family heirlooms, confidential materials, or other emotionally charged items and spaces.  An Eye To Organize have always demonstrated compassion and understanding in their projects, and strive to keep their customers happy by talking with them about their wishes and goals, and taking a carefully planned course of action to see that the best possible outcome is reached.

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